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Nelson Wrap Dispenser

Comfortable to Hold and Perfect for Any Skid Size

Reduce work-related strain and injury with our comfortable, lightweight, aluminum hand-held dispenser.

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Coreless Dispenser

Eliminate Waste & Get 40% More Stretch

Be the first to take wrapping to a new level while eliminating waste and recycling with no cardboard core.

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Economical Alternative to Throw-away Dispensers

Wrap rolled rugs, carpets, vinyl, and textiles waist high with a natural forward motion without hand fatigue or injury.

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Lightweight Option for Bundling & Wrapping

Combat wrist pain, hand fatigue, and discomfort while bundling quickly and efficiently with the LittleNelson.

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Find a Distributor

Finding distributors that can supply your business with our products quickly and conveniently is easy. Browse our network of distributors to find a location near you.

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“In my twenty years in the maintenance department I have witnessed back bending and dangerous procedures of wrapping skids. There had to be a better idea out there... There seems to be a missing link... The NWD is that key link; it saves time, money, and more importantly the back... This is truly a cost-effective tool for any company regardless of size. Thanks for developing this fine product.” Maintenance Forman | Sheet Metal Fabrication Corporation, NJ